Between inhaling face-peeling Varnish Stank at work yesterday and today having people using the tiniest drill ever to basically saw off the balcony directly above me, my lungs are shot.

The asbestos dust is now covering my clean things that are going to go to my clean apartment on Saturday.

The workers were supposed to bust out my windows and board this bitch up first. So, I’m going to call it a blessing.

A very loose use of the word blessing.

This is what my bedroom is going to look like after next week. Thank God, it’ll be when I vaporize from this joint.


For those unfamiliar with this illegal hell, that’s a corner bedroom with two former floor-to-ceiling windows.

You can see through the building. Nice eh?

These nutbags bust down the glass, come in 41 inches each way, and basically turn your 10×11 room into a closet with wet plywood walls for six months.

And why the landlady is pro-rating my future rent and re-assigning my parking space when I said I was leaving is BEYOND ME.

I tried looking for my new spot. 111. I can find 110 and 112. I have no idea where it is. Probably in the Intracoastal.

My mover just called to confirm our date for Saturday. He better get prepared to get hugged when this is all said and done. Because, so many reasons.

Last sunsets …


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