Sulking at the souk

I got kidnapped this past weekend and taken on a grand adventure to Orlando, which was exactly what I needed, exactly WHEN I needed it.

Since my cars have been behaving, um, not well, I haven’t been jumping in the car and going on my usual odysseys. So when I got a call to jump on the Disney Express, I was going to say no (for health reasons) but I said HELL YEAH and it was the greatest weekend I’ve had in a long time.

Like a Cinderella weekend after a butt-ton of Daffy and Goofy days!

I’ve always made it a point to get to Epcot every year. For the past several years, I’ve come to Orlando every February to attend the Money Show. And even after I moved down here, I always drove up to the show to network and see my friends.

This year, of course, I was supposed to go to a concert that weekend with a boy who asked me to go back in December and whom I had to stalk up until the day BEFORE the concert to figure out our fucking plans. Which fell through.

So NOT ONLY did I miss out on seeing my friends this past February, but most of them got laid off from their jobs and WILL NOT BE COMING BACK this coming February.

So, I got double-fucked on that one. Thanks EVER so much. Which was probably why I fell over when he did finally ask me out again and actually showed up! (I admit, I was afraid to get excited about that one. I think, in these here parts, that’s called a SIGN.)

Anywhore …

SPEAKING OF THE WHORE, I saw she put a new profile pic on Facebook. Which, well, yeah. I’m keeping my opinions to myself about THAT but damn, I have a few zingers if anyone wants to sidle up next to me and let me share them without them being in writing. 😉

But my point here is, I saw her doppelganger at Epcot. Well, a pretty version of her. (Note I don’t say “prettier” because that would indicate having something to work with. Bless her heart.)

That threw me a bit. I wondered if she lights up if she smiles, like that pretty lady at the park did. I can’t imagine her smiling, hence the “if.” It’s a shame how, even though my feelings of anything other than frustration have been dead and buried for months now, I still try to figure out what the deal is there.

Right after I saw her, I had a mini-meltdown at the souk in the Morocco section of the park. Over a damn necklace.

So this lady in front of me picked up this necklace that I was trying to work my way over to see. And she walked off with it even though we were near the register. Hmm.

I couldn’t find another one exactly like it — she grabbed a blue-and-silver one, and all I could find was a pink one that wasn’t as striking. And it bummed me out that someone else took what I wanted without me having a fair chance or a first refusal.

I’m sure you can see a parallel starting to form here.

As I wandered through the rest of the souk, I saw the necklace. She had just discarded it somewhere random. I picked it up and, while it was lovely, I didn’t want it anymore.

Was it because she didn’t want it? No, it was because she’d had her grimy mitts on it and I wasn’t as enamored as I originally was now that I’d seen where it had been.

Again, PARALLELS, people.

Anyway, I got my head back together right-quick after that. After all, why waste a second on someone who wants you ONLY when they want you, when you have someone five feet away who genuinely wanted your company for a whole weekend and who wouldn’t rather be alone than be with you?

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