Between the special people in my life thinking I suck because I worked during my last two special weekends … and mom thinking I suck because it’s Christmas and there’s no food in the house and I still have to work and not shop … and work thinking I suck because I cannot do everything or anything, for that matter, I’m pretty much filled up on how much ALL THAT SUCKS.

But you know what? The kid didn’t follow instructions and effed something up today. And had the wits about him to say something was wrong. (Half a sentence away from claiming I instructed him wrong. He’s good about that. But I was right and I fixed it and if he had listened to me, this wouldn’t have been an issue.)

But it was an act of God because I started doing my spot-checking and OMG if the OTHER mistake I caught had gone out in the live, scheduled broadcast, I would have Hit. The. Roof.

So here I am at 11:45 p.m. messing around with this. And doing more work. Because what the hell, right? If I’m going to suck I might as well suck at as many things as humanly possible.

I wonder I exude similar levels of disappointment like the kind I feel all around me, and whether it defeats him just as much. The thing is, I think he thinks I suck too.

The good news is, I still like me. Honestly, I do. And one person cannot suck alone. There’s gotta be a lot of suckage going on — per all these people, I’m not talented enough to suck this much without help!

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