Suck it, Dump Tower …

The nice thing about moving out of this dump — aside from moving out of this dump — is that I’ve met everybody who is left in the building. And reconnected with people I forgot were still here.

We’re all moving out. We’re all scared that the assholes in the rental office will come after us for big fees. And we’re all horrified that this place might have paid off the fire department to not do anything to them for bolting shut our windows.

That’s a big accusation to make and I don’t make it lightly. But I haven’t been given one reason to disbelieve it could happen.

I have been hanging around with realtors lately and every single one says it is illegal what they are doing to us here. And the fact that these fools are coming after us for recognizing our rights to a SAFE, LIVABLE environment and asserting them? Is mind-boggling.

Evil Landlady forgot I was moving out, apparently, and told me yesterday I could get my rent prorated by $288.74 a month going forward.

What the actual fuck.

Odd dollar amount aside, I don’t even want to tell you what I pay but I can assure you that doesn’t take it down to a level where I would be happy living in dust and chaos and darkness till October, thank you.

Meanwhile I have a sunny, bright and lovely place waiting for me. It’s clean and the appliances work and oh yeah, MY WINDOWS OPEN.

Funny how you can’t take that for granted.

You’ve heard of Trump Tower right? This is Dump Tower.

And now it can suck it …


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