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Busy, busy week. Am trying to take the route of, “If you don’t have something nice to say” and simply not blogging. But, shit, I’d NEVER blog if I could only say nice things!

In a nutshell, the OEHTM is mad that I tell my friends (HAI Internet) about her when I should be asking my peeps for help in getting her a job. Five seconds later, she informed me that her friends cannot believe how MEAN I am to her. I replied with, “My friends can’t believe what a FREELOADER you are. I win.”

One friend told me that even if I do nothing else for her for the rest of my life, I’ve done enough. Which she just doesn’t get.

I’ve made it clear, I think, that we ain’t friends no more. She texted me last night to ask to go to dinner. Which I deleted/ignored. I know that was because there’s no food in the house and she is out of money.

And I’m sure I’m a horrible person for it, but instead I treated a colleague, who’s in the process of moving, to lunch today. A nice lunch, too. 🙂 I just wanted to do something nice for someone who could use a random act of kindness; I just find it hard to do it for the person who’s had free rent on my dime for almost two years now.

There’s more to tell, but I’m going to bed soon and I don’t want to try to fall asleep with any more rage than I normally fall asleep with.

Work’s been interesting. Whereas I had gotten into a groove with the old job of doing the same thing every day (across 14 hours each day. *cough*), each day is different here. Have spent the whole week in brainstorming mode. Which is so cool. I told my boss my brain is starting to work again, and I thanked him.

I’m having fun because I’ve been in on some very high-level strategy discussions. He’s very open about showing us how he does business and, in essence, How To Get Shit Done. It’s fucking fantastic. I have so much to learn, but the “war room” where we all sit together all day is a top-notch classroom.

The ocean is still my only friend outside of work. I find myself getting angry sometimes about that. I don’t miss D.C. all that much right now — I know I’ve only been gone a month. (And time seems to tick by very differently down here.)

I still see all the friends Twittering about happy hours and dinners and parties and such. And if I were still in D.C., I would be missing out on all of it anyway because of work. So, really, nothing has changed. But where I get annoyed is that I have more free time now. I *could* go out to events now.

If I had one wish (other than the OEH moving out), it would be to have the friends I had “up north” and the free time I have “down south” at the same time.

I joined a few singles’ groups. Have an event on Saturday. Whee. I went to another event the other day and BOY was that fun. Not. I realize that maybe I shouldn’t have joined the “35-50” singles group here at 34 years and 11 months. But I figured, hey, I’ve already penetrated the over-50 set (or, maybe vice-versa is more appropriate. *cough*). But shit, the event attracted the upper end of that group (and beyond).

It was at a chi-chi place on the Avenue, so maybe that was the problem. The next event is an evening cruise so here’s to hoping that the younger folk come out for it. I don’t care if I *meet* someone at one of these things; I’d be happy to make a friend so that I don’t have to be a stranger in a strange land for the indefinite future.

I’m also going to check out another new church this weekend. I skipped services last week; I got sick of everyone praying for money at communion time. Seriously. I really like the pastor but unless I plan to arrive late every week, I need another alternative.

Last week, I worshiped at the altar of the Apple Store. I *heart* my Time Capsule and the fact that I can use my MacBook from my balcony. (For which I finally bought furniture.) Let’s face it, church is cheaper. 🙂

Someone at work turned me on to a church that holds its services outdoors. And since it has rained exactly twice in the 30 days I’ve lived here in South Floriduh, me likee that idea.

Anyway, the good news around these parts is that I bought a new bathing suit this week. Four sizes smaller than the one I bought at this time last year.

Sure, my pudgy butt isn’t losing any weight (sweets appear in the corporate kitchen EVERY DAY. And I am WEAK, people), but my beach walks have been keeping the junk in the trunk at reasonable trash-heap levels.

I’m not sure when I’ll break in the new suit, given that I just roll up my jeans and they get soaked on every walk. But it’s washed and waiting. And with any luck, I’ll get my sweet tooth extracted (I’m between insurances and that tooth BROKE today. Yay) and be down ANOTHER four sizes by this time next year!

One Lonely Response to Stranger in a strange land

  1. Lachlan :

    Congrats on the four sizes.

    The friends thing will come. Probably when you least expect it; but it’s good that you’re out and about and trying new things. Just because one doesn’t work out doesn’t mean something else won’t be a glorious success. So proud of you for putting yourself out there.

    And who knows- maybe all this beach/alone time is what you need, even if it’s not necessarily what you want.