I had the best bowling team ever with possibly the worst scores ever. It was neat being around work people on a casual day — I didn’t recognize most of the people without their formal biz attire, and I hope they didn’t recognize Drunk Girl here, making a scene. I don’t care — I’m a happy drunk!

But all that bowling reminded me of a time long ago when I was doing another bowling “thing” with colleagues, and I was hot for the accounting manager, who happened to be in professional bowling leagues. And my pickup line to him, after he hit like his millionth strike of the night, was a pointed, “Nice ball!”

*snicker* And yes, I took that boy home, funny you should ask.

I was telling the story at the lanes yesterday, and someone asked whether it were, in fact, a nice ball. (*wink wink, nudge nudge*) And I was too blitzed to give my usual quick response, but I was thinking back to that night, and to be honest? The ball was fine but it was the pin (*wink*) that was left standing that was the most memorable part of the evening! 😉

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