Steaming cup o’ bitch

Sabre and I were just speaking of the need to indulge in a big cup of shut-the-fuck-up (i.e., if you don’t have anything nice to say, and all that jazz), but why us? Why can’t we give a double-shot of it to those who need it most?

I went to drop off my application this weekend at the mediocre-dream apartment, but I parked outside the rental office and could not take my ass out of the car to save my life. I had an application, savings and checking account information, pay stubs and blood and urine samples (theoretically) and I just couldn’t do it — I still have the stuff in my bag. So, I went back to my own building’s management and cussed a blue streak over their inability to call a girl back after a dozen tries.

I was particularly pissed because the unit that opened up next to mine (that I REQUESTED) sat vacant for a month; now a mother with two young kids is in it. I failed to see where that’s a better tenant, but whatever. Their loss. I did take some price quotes down, and promptly left. I enjoy telling people they suck … my cup o’ shut-the-fuck-up was clearly leaking!

The mother on the other side of her locked out her kid (again). Usually she locks out the girl, but this time it’s the boy. (Did I mention that it’s a one-bedroom-plus den?) And a kid is usually always pounding to be let back in, and I think all the other tenants within earshot have had it with them, as we all yelled at the boy to shut up already.

I know it’s not his fault, but seriously, I am so ready to move, I can taste it. It’s a BLESSING that I didn’t get the unit in between us!

I have decided to just live on the street. M Street, but the street nonetheless. 😉

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