Status update: feeling loved. By me.

“I ain’t cut out for working
I ain’t cut out for nothing,
That pays my rent.”
— Mudcrutch, “Trailer”

15 years since that tragic Tuesday morning. I have nothing new to say. But judging by Facebook, everybody else does. 

Never forget, they say. As if. So, social media blackout today

Of course if you think about it, today’s high schoolers either weren’t born yet or were too little to understand. Your average freshman was still gestating at this point. 

God. Can you remember life before 9/11? It’s like the BC/AD line of modern times. 

For me, this marks 15 years since I bought my first car, tossed my Calico kitty in the backseat, left town and never looked back. I didn’t know where life would lead, as long as it was anywhere else. 

Funny how I never really lost that feeling, no matter where I ended up. 

I was an executive. I left to become a journalist. Figured I was a hard worker and would reclaim that title in no time. 


I’m healthier now, physically. Not sure if I’ll ever be as spiritually light as I was in my 20s. But I’m not getting drunk and scarfing down pizza and diner food to fill the hours. 

Like today, I put on my bathing suit top and took a walk rather than nursing my pre-911 hangovers with vodka. 

I even fit into a new pair of shorts I got yesterday for eight bucks. 

I still hope I’ll amount to something professionally. But I don’t mind having time to get a tan, either. 

Here’s to another 15 years of being ok. 

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