State of the ‘loon’-ion


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So I’m on “vacation” this week.

Anyone who’s gotten a peek at my Facebook page might know why, but suffice it to say that the suitors of which I spoke weren’t all necessarily of the dating variety, and I am happily contemplating their offers from my apartment overlooking the ocean.

I also just learned that my favorite apartment in this shithole in the sky has opened up. My friend has moved out and her apartment is amazing. I am thinking about asking the landlady to let me move in, but that means moving my stuff and also signing another lease in this godforsaken place. That is, if I even stay in the area, since my opportunities are as far-flung as the shreds of my sanity.

And I say all of this while swooning over a boy I met who doesn’t exactly live around here. Which is perfect. I decided to turn down his job offer since I’d no doubt be trying to hump his leg at every available opportunity.

But that’s not to say that I won’t marry him someday. In fact, I’m putting that on my “to do” list — marrying him, not humping his leg, of course! He can live there, he can visit me here, we can rent lovely hotel rooms on the beach and I can have my freedom. 😉

Things are finally, finally falling into place. I wish I could restart the clock and pretend that all the lost time in my life never happened. But as I said in the blog entry I linked, it’s what I take out of those yesterdays that gets me through today.

I’m not just on the cusp of happy. I AM happy.

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