Star (or navel) gazing

Because it’s required by blog law that I link to Sherri on Mondays, I was inspired by her celebrity collage enough to make one of my own.

I hate this photo of myself, but that’s the first photo I found and, let’s face it, I hate all photos of myself. I do want to try it with another one — I mean, on what planet would I be confused with Tara Reid? (Minus the drinking problem!) 😉

Speaking of which, I just picked up a beautiful bottle of Belle Vallee — the ’04 Pinot Gris. Might as well crack that bitch open tonight. *glug*

One Lonely Response to Star (or navel) gazing

  1. Evil Genious :

    Hey, this is cool !! And I liked your picture – you really do resemble several of those women (but not Tara – she’s f-ing nuts!!). LOL

    I’m going to try this out myself!!