Every company and probably every person I know loves a good to-do list. We have daily meetings that offer a ceremonial reading of them.

I never mention the important things. I just talk about my tasks. The shit people care about if it isn’t done. The stuff that according to Quartz.com

… isn’t important. People seldom write their biggest priorities on a to-do list. The very act of keeping a to-do list encourages you to fritter your attention away on inconsequential things. I would never include “Write a book” or “Spend time with the children” on my list.”

The article suggests we manage our attention, rather than manage our time. Otherwise, in life’s information buffet, we will choose to consume EVERYTHING instead of only what feeds our minds, souls and careers.

Read it. And, like me, probably weep: To Get the Most Out of Your Day, Manage Your Attention, Not Your Time

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