Spring cleaning

Well, from the last eleventy billion posts, we know I’m moving. I just got off the phone with the moving company. (*hyperventilating*) So freaking much to do still, but after a year and a half ago when homelessness (due to no cash inflow) was a probability and not just a possibility, now I’m moving into a Really Nice Place. I knew the day would come; I guess I just didn’t know if I would ever deserve it.

That”s the thing. When you’re on a certain path and even very successful at what you do, and suddenly it’s ripped from you, it’s heartbreaking to go back to eating ramen noodles while your friends are buying homes and getting married and getting great promotions when it feels like the universe stepped its heavy foot on your forehead and kicked you back six turns in the game of Life.

But I’m proof that you just need to wait for your turn and to give it all you’ve got. Any step that’s away from the rut in which you find yourself is progress.

Amalah gave me that step. She gave me that helping hand when I was literally drowning. And now she’s taking that huge, big, wonderful, awe-inspiring and freakin’ scary step into the wild, wonderful world of freelance. Congratulations, Amy! Corporate rah-rah lovefests just won’t be the same without you. 😉 Although, seriously, you have an open invitation to bring the Noahlah by so you can brag about how fabulously you’re doing!

And in another plot twist, could the Tiff and Tom wedding details really, truly be secured?!?! w00t! I have to go find a dress because I, as Tiff accurately noted, have to get my heathen ass to church twice in the same year. 😉 Many, many congratulations are in order here — these two deserve a lifetime-achievement medal for having Everything. That. Could. Go. Wrong. happen and still be sane and willing to try Just. One. More. Idea.

In other great news, Erica and Amy have new jobs. Celebrate good times COME ON! Proud of ya, girls! The interview process and the waiting is hell. Here’s to a successful journey for you both!

So, what’s YOUR life-changing milestone? Because I want to celebrate you for it — too many of us are drowning in the day-to-day details but yet managing to pull off some minor miracle under the radar.

Just goes to show, we shouldn’t be afraid to want things — to dream as far as our minds will take us. Sometimes it feels like we’re swimming against the current just to get through, but other days, the wind will pluck us up and push us to dry land where our only limits are as far as we can run. May our spirits never tire and may our setbacks serve to catapult us twice as far ahead. And may the world turn our future autobiographies into best-sellers!

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3 Responses to Spring cleaning

  1. Tiff :

    Don’t go all fancy on our account. The original plan had been to ban ties from the wedding, and the congregation at our church ranges from business-casual to suits.

  2. trouble :

    You know, this is a really good post. The boyfriend just went through this, taking what felt like a huge step backward in his life a couple of weeks ago when he moved from a house he formerly shared with his (soon-to-be) ex-wife into a condo with a 20-something hippyish roommate.

    It was so discouraging for him…and SAD.

    but I keep trying to support and encourage him and tell him that he will also turn the corner, soon.

  3. Erica :

    Thanks! 🙂