Speculums for everybody!

My day started out looking like it would be easy. After I managed to get through last week with my clean homicide record intact, I probably shouldn’t have asked for more work. But I did and now I’m happily buried as usual.

I forgot my gratitude journal under my pillow and I wish I had it nearby. It’s been helping me immensely. Today I am thankful for my pretty Christmas tree, lunch with a friend, health insurance to go to the doctor on Thursday and pretty much choices as far as the eye can see.

As for the health one, I called a new doctor’s office for my annual “well woman” visit. And was floored when they said, “Are you male or female?” Not just because I don’t SOUND manly, but because I asked for a damn pap smear.

I know men of my age have a much-less pleasant experience at the doctor’s. But are they now able to opt for my exam instead of theirs? Either way, I’m not sure whether to be puzzled or offended at the question!

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