Someone talented leaving ‘AI’? Shocker! (ha)

The “American Idol” elimination round that cuts the group of performers down to the final 12 is where you know you’re hooked. If I’m getting all sniffly and stupid watching performers I didn’t even enjoy that much, it shows me to be a compassionate sap. *drat*

I called two of the four eliminations right — Kinnick and Will. I’d thought Melissa would go too, but apparently she had the third-lowest number of votes (and not the second). We waved goodbye to Ayla instead, and man did I get tears in my eyes for her. She wanted this so badly — I’m sure they all do, but she let it show. Not that she was fabulous (she was next on my to-go list anyway) but you could tell this was her first disappointment in life.

Get used to it, honey. This might be the biggest thing to break her heart in life, but the pain dulls with each and every boo-boo. At least, that’s what I’m still hoping for personally, anyway.

I was unable to even take a guess at the fourth person to be eliminated. I knew it had to be a guy, but honestly, if we could have had three girls go and one guy, now THAT would have been a fair setup. But alas, Gedeon was the final one to go.

I was shocked. It was down to him and Bucky, and I was like, seriously? They put Kevin through? They put Melissa through and not Gedeon? It’s stupefying, really.

When the rejectees do their final performance, you can usually watch them and go, “Enh. I see why they’re going home.” Like when that Becky chick was booted off the first night, I was glad the public realized that pretty does not always equal talented.  When Ayla sobbed through her performance, I figured yeah, she needs some work. Fine.

But then Gedeon rocked the fucking house, and I realized my jaw must have hit Kadi in the head (as she was sitting on my lap, putting holes in my brand-new pantyhose with her claws. *sigh*). He was amazing. Absolutely, breathtakingly awesome. America fucked this one up big-time.

Oh well. I’m going to tune out from this mess and go watch “The Office.” Because on that show, everybody’s a loser, and we love them all for it. 😉

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