Somebody’s been watching too much courtroom drama

I think it’s on record that some 70% of people leave their bosses, not their jobs. Even when I got my ass handed to me the day after Christmas, I was sad to leave the job but not necessarily *all* the people.

And at the job before it, I was so happy to leave the partners (well, one or two in particular) behind. And so on. And so on.

I don’t think we’re necessarily programmed to despise authority. I give everyone respect even after they’ve stopped deserving it. (Note that this is NOT an infinite time period, though.) But when people just hurt you and do everything in their power to take away YOUR power, that’s when it’s time to put yourself in a position where they cannot hurt you anymore. Because, clearly, they WILL as long as you allow it.

I got to thinking about how I have allowed so much in my glory days. Fuck, I allow these freelance yahoos to tap-dance on my financial security, too. It’s a different kind of abuse, but it’s still abuse.

What got my goat was being let go from a job and basically being told, “You’ll be fine. You know everybody. You’ll find something else.”

That’s like being broken up with. You’ll find someone else. Now let me go cornhole MY someone else. Buh-bye.

But relationships don’t pay the bills. Jobs do. It is the highest form of cruelty to remove a paycheck from someone — it’s like premeditated murder, how you know it and you PLAN it and you dance when they go. You’ve killed all their hopes and dreams and ability to sleep at night because they were waiting for not just the next paycheck, but the next couple DOZEN of them.

And for the record, yes I do know everybody. Yes I will find something else. But that doesn’t make any of those roles RIGHT for me. Not that the last role was right for me … in the end, anyway.

Forget premeditated murder — it’s downright spiritual manslaughter to hire people under false pretenses and then try to make them feel like THEY are the idiots for no longer fitting in the mold that was created for them … a mold that gets smashed and set ablaze and expectations are suddenly ambiguous and as ever-changing as the seasons we used to have before global warming set in.

I really need to pray on what I want next. It ain’t that and it ain’t this. And the definition of insanity is knowing the outcome and doing it all again anyway. It’s time for sanity to prevail once and for all. But … how?

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