Some things that made me happy today

1. Technology more or less working all day. (Don’t ask about yesterday. Yams.)

2. Continuing the process of reclaiming songs from their previous association from ghosts from the past. It’s a long process (and Kenny Chesney’s “Somewhere With You” will always be about him. Always), but I’m finding I’d rather hear happy songs anyway. So, double-bonus on this one.

3. Having the universe orchestrate something so cosmically crazy and randomly perfect that is intelligently designed to drive someone crazy, if said person can connect the dots. And I think somebunny can draw a straight line. Best of all, it was unintentional and I had nothing to do with it anyway. And I may never benefit, but that’s quite OK. Well-played, universe. Well-played.

4. Nothing quite beats walking away and looking good while you’re doing it. Even if you might be forcing yourself to hum “I Feel Pretty” in an effort to will the grace your way.

5. Waking up, driving along the coast, having a safe (if not psychotic) morning commute, having a productive day and finding that the entries in my brand-new gratitude journal are coming pretty easily.

It’s six years today since I lost my grandfather. Missing him like it were yesterday. Wishing I could hear him play guitar and sing to me one more time, and that I could record it so I’d have it forever. Love you so much, Grampy. I know that white dove who hasn’t left my balcony in six days is you. Thank you for always being with me!

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