Social experiment

Well, more of an asocial experiment, but something to keep me not completely submerged nonetheless.

I play music on the way to work, of course. Oftentimes it’s depressing stuff. Ballads, country, whatever. And the days can have their moments of frustration. So today I decided to only play upbeat music. But the day still pretty much sucks. 😉

Actually, I’m fine. I’m always fine. I try my best to just be. Period. Surviving a day is my success. Not a great one, but I’ll take it for what it’s worth.

I have another experiment going. I have a Post-It Note that says, simply, “Assless Chaps.” Now, there’s a story behind it, and I might even share it, but my best friend suggested it last night and it made all the sense in the world. And during those moments when I’m overwhelmed and over whatever it is that I’m overwhelmed by, the note helps. I laugh. How can you not? And that’s what I need to suck it up and keep going.

I wanted this. I guess. But what I wouldn’t give to be a kept woman right about now. …

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