So that happened

Smart, Attractive, Sweet Acquaintance Facebooks me to ask if Cute But Not Particularly Bright Boy we both know is single.

Sidenote: Why does everyone Facebook me to ask me to introduce them to people?

I LOL. Because I have So Many Reactions and None of Them are Good.

I passed the message along, not mentioning any names. He seemed to know and picked up his phone.

SASA messages me to say thanks but apparently he’s talking to someone.

Sidebar: Is that what the kids do today? “Talk?” In my day, we didn’t exactly use words beyond, “Mmmmmm,” “Aaaaaah” and “Oh God”!

Another Sidebar: Wonder what these people saying about me behind my back.

In any event I said good and said very nicely, “We smart single girls need to aim higher than the men of (place we know them from).”

She said, “Aaah I see what you’re saying.”

Yeah. Thank goodness.

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