So that happened

My girl is officially the Democratic nominee. 

Dreams can come true. You just have to have them first. Then you can move on to bigger ones.

I wasn’t in Brooklyn tonight. I would have been. No plans to go now. 

But that’s ok. I got to watch history be made on TV. And I thought of my fellow Palm Beach supporters. Especially that good-looking guy I had a drink with at Mellow Mushroom. 🙂

It didn’t start out as a good day. But life is so much bigger than the eight+ hours that led up to now. 

And I may not sleep tonight. But right now, I feel like tomorrow — a lot of tomorrows — have the potential to be so much better. 

Here’s to eight years of waiting for this moment. And eight more to come. 

Atta girl, Hills. Atta girl. 

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