If only we could have been the people we are today back then …

While the hoodworks kept us up all night in Braddock Beach, I was fortunate to reconnect with a long lost friend from high school between instances of peeling the cat off the ceiling. 

He stayed cute. And I might admit I got that weird wonderful feeling I did when I was a sophomore and he was a junior. Back when we worked on the school newspaper. Back before I was jaded as all hell about boys. 

(I still have his newspaper staff photo. I don’t even have mine!)

Anyway. I was reading a story he wrote about some girl who had bullied him in middle school. He ran into her at the grocery store and got up his nerve to say hello even though he was fighting everything in him to want to confront her and tell her how she hurt him. 

He wrote how he liked her then and how she publicly humiliated him. How it made him so hesitant. How many opportunities he missed because he was afraid the same thing would happen again.  

He was always sweet and kind to me. Funny what people are hiding that you would never know about if they didn’t mention it some 24 years and 11 months later. 

Anyway. I don’t think much about high school because of all the bad. But it is nice to remember some of the long-forgotten good. Also, typing with a cute boy isn’t a bad way to spend some time!

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