Y’all know I carry my girly products in my bra because I rarely wear pockets. (Blazers are to be left on the back of one’s chair, damn it.) So today I shoved some supplies (I didn’t need them — it was a “just in case” scenario) in the ol’ boulder-holder, per the usual.

Well, I was washing my hands when I saw said items THROUGH my light-pink dress shirt. I’d sort of stuck them between the girls instead of in a cupholder (ha!) and BOY were those bitches visible. I skulked back to my desk holding my ID card directly over that area of my chest until I got back to my desk. Yoy.

It’s a good thing I work with a department full of men, because I know better than to tell them about it. But y’all are captive to this kind of shit. Aren’t you lucky!!!

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