Snark isn’t just another service we offer here

Hell, it’s our specialty! And we serve it on the house!

Today is a day for a chick movie, no doubt about it. But “Georgia Rule” isn’t playing anywhere local enough that doesn’t require packing a canteen and a change of clothes. Are people banning it from their crappy movie-houses because of Lindsay’s “usable amount” of cocaine? Seriously, apparently it wasn’t usable enough or the cops wouldn’t have FOUND it.

The only other alternatives look to be “Knocked Up” (I love Katie Heigl, but, um, NO) and “Waitress,” which might be the winner if the effort is even worth making. At a time when I’m wondering where the hell my own cycle even is, I”d rather not watch movies that are about shitting out babies, thankyouverymuch. 😉

I assume I won’t find myself in a guest-starring role in either type of movie anytime soon, because I’m alternating between the weepies and the bitchies with the change of each second on the clock.

To wit, I was in a store today and this woman was seriously admiring a god-awful straw hat. With red-checkered gingham trim and some flowers glued on for good measure. *huz* I nearly tweeted whether it was rude to tell someone they have no taste now before they spend the money or whether it would be better to just laugh at them when they bought the item. (She put the item in her cart, so I assume it now has a home. *twitch*)

People weren’t moving fast enough for me today, either. I blurted out to one asshole who was in my way and not leaving, “Um, MOVE!” and to another, I said, “GET!” You know, like we do to our pets. Heh.

Don’t get me wrong, though, with the next mood swing, I felt pretty bad, so don’t hate on me, here. 😉 I’m a LITTLE EMOTIONAL, people!

Also, drove thru Taco Bell, where the order got annhilated. Shocker, I know. Second car in line, and it took 18 minutes to get the order. Which they promptly threw in upside-down and it was a glorious mess. As I was taking my sweet time driving up to the window (the first car’s order took 16 of those 18 minutes), the asshole behind me blew his horn at me to move it.

Jesus Christmas. Seriously? He was already up my ass — I thought he could have pushed me if he wanted to. But not one to allow an occurrence to go by without comment (don’t ask me about my Wednesday meeting. Just, don’t. Tourette’s, anyone?), I shouted, “I’ve got a GODDAMNED TACO for you to EAT!!!”

LOL. I just don’t know WHY people don’t like to ride with me in the car. 😉

All right, both movies start in an hour. Time to start inching toward the theater and if life has it that one of the dozen distractions in-between precludes a cinema experience, so be it. …

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