Sleepless night

Apparently my Kadi isWAS missing. (UPDATE: I found her! I found my baby! Am. Never. Letting. Her. Out. of. My. Sight.) Now, she goes into hiding sometimes, sure, but I haven’t seen her since yesterday evening. I’ve checked everywhere in the house, and she’s usually good about coming when I call her.

I’m terrified that she jumped off the balcony when I let the girls out for a couple hours yesterday evening. Now, in three years, she’s never done anything like that, but I’m out of ideas. She’s an indoor cat, so I’m worried about her survival skills. Not to mention that we’re in an urban area with cars and rails and *oh god* where is imy Kadi?!?!

Maddie seems like she’s waiting on the balcony for her. I walked the neighborhood at the crack o’moi today but it’s a strange area to me, too, full of places to hide and strangers who don’t love her the way I do.

Come back, Kadibug. I need to hug you.

5 Responses to Sleepless night

  1. nic :

    Oh no! I hope you’ve found her by the time you get this, but if not e-mail me. I have the contact info for the shelter to file a missing cat report.

  2. Tiff :

    Suggestions, based on our recent experience with Guinness:
    – Posters around the neighborhood with a clear picture of Kadi and slips with your phone number. She has a tag on her collar, but sometimes collars come off.
    – Call the local animal shelters and animal hospitals to see if a cat matching her description has been found.
    – Post to Craigslist Lost & Found.
    – Now is an excellent time to meet your new neighbors. Ask if they’ve seen a black and white cat running around, especially if they have cats. Cat owners tend to notice all the cats in the neighborhood and will know if there’s a new one running around. Ask the dog owners, too- if they were out walking the dog and a cat came running past, they’ll know.
    – Wander around the neighborhood a bit, calling her. If she wandered off and just doesn’t know how to get home, she’ll come toward the sound of your voice.
    – DON’T PANIC! Sometimes cats just wander off for a bit and come back when it suits their agenda, not yours. If she can jump back onto the balcony from the ground, maybe leave a bowl of Mow Mix or something outside for her in case she comes back while you’re at work.

  3. The Goddess :

    I’m pleased to report that Kadi is back and other than being a little scared, she’s doing fine. I retraced my steps and I think she knew I had been where I ended up finding her. Brat. 😉 I think we’ll be revoking balcony privileges for a LONG time to come. … Thank you for your kind thoughts because I know they helped!

  4. Amy :

    Glad she’s back. Little bugger. They’re good at scaring us aren’t they?

  5. Caterwauling :

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