Happy Paddy’s Day! ‘Tis one of the rare times of the year I celebrate my biological father’s side of my heritage. My grandmother always said he looked like a leprechaun. Believe me, that man did NOT exactly bring luck and good fortune to anyone!

I have little to say today other than that if I were in Pittsburgh, I’d be drinking in the streets during the parade. I don’t really celebrate now that I’m in Virginia, although I did identify an Irish pub in my (soon to be) new neighborhood. Maybe I should go check out the digs tonight — I don’t need a crystal ball to know that I’ll probably need a beer by then! 😉

The thing with the new apartment, I’ve found, is that it’s a conditional approval. I got a welcome letter and blah blah blah “if we accept you” cakes, this is what you’d pay. You uppity little leprechauns, you. I mean, it’s good in that I know how much blood I need to squeeze from a turnip when/if the day comes. And in a normal world, it has also given me time to look elsewhere just in case. But in my world, in which I have been carrying a live check in my bag for three days, I have a bit of difficulty achieving errands like that during normal business hours. Which means, that apartment complex had better accept me or I’ll have Maddie go leave skid marks on their heads!

In any event, my best friend (also an Irish lass) will be in town in just days. Days! *squee!* And we are so going to Bennigan’s. I know, high-class (hah), but it’s Irish, it has alcohol and we pick up men there. What could POSSIBLY be wrong with that?!?!

This entry reads like I’ve already been hitting the Irish Mist in my freezer, doesn’t it? 😉

I just want to send a shout-out to Ireland. No, not the country but someone I love and miss dearly who’s there. I suck and I’ve lost contact and I’m sorry, but you’re never far from my thoughts. (Confidential to Leslie: Have you seen this gorgeous little girl? Welcome Lila! Congratulations Chris and Shawn — she’s spectacular!)

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