Six weeks …

Atlantic Sunrise

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I’m freezing my ass off here in Ye Olde D.C., although my ass will be numb tonight after Tom and Tiff and I spend 14 hours in a movie theater for the Oscar showcase.

(Didn’t we learn our lesson last year?)

Oh well. It’s tradition; what can I say? I just can’t believe I’m going to sit through “Benjamin Button” AGAIN. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it. But not enough to develop hemorrhoids in the name of Oscar preparation!

Anyway, your beloved Goddess will be returning to the beach in less than six weeks. (My life, I love it.) So allow me to indulge on this FREEZING winter’s day by looking at this little snapshot from the South Florida area from my hotel balcony. And yes, that’s the ocean.

Sigh. And *swoon.*

And guys, in case I forget to come back from my next vacation, you’re welcome to attend the Oscar Showcase with me in Miami, OK? 😉

“I never knew I was lost
Before you touched me
And I was set free.”

— Emmylou Harris, “In Rodanthe”

One Lonely Response to Six weeks …

  1. ms7168 :

    I don’t watch them all in one whop although it would be an acceptable way of doing it in a pinch 🙂

    The way I usually do is once the nominees are announced I set out trying to see all the movies one by one. As you know a lot of them are released right at the end of the year to take advantage of the holiday season and get them in consideration for that years Oscars. I have been pretty successful. There are only a couple that I haven’t seen yet and I’m thinking about doing that today 🙂