Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

So the place I took awhile back and called to cancel, well, they never got the message. Not only is it still available, but they called to ask me to come in to sign the lease.


I never heard back about the place I wanted being able to waive the insane security deposit. And my apartment? Jesus. The best of the best units, well, has bugs. Big, bad carpet beetles. They are bombing it right now, which means it’ll be three weeks before it’s available. In fact, the day it is liveable, well, is the day my lease is up. Meaning, I’d have to extend my current lease in order to be able to move into it.

There’s a second choice here at the ol’ homestead, which involves subletting from a man named Pedro who is super-nice, but his answer to all of my open-ended questions is, “Si.” Meaning, I need to get him to paint and clean the carpets (I did get a maintenance check of the appliances and stuff, but I need to get him to agree to the other stuff), but I feel icky about subletting from someone with whom I cannot communicate. (My landlady happens to be fluent in Spanish, but I’m already worried about getting screwed by the rental office, and trusting them to communicate is making me weak.)

So I went out to lunch today (mark this down — fifth time in two and a half years), and saw a great, great, great apartment complex near work. And the 2BRs ONLY start at $1,725/month! *snicker* They did have a special for a mere $1,600, and I do love the places, but damn. I almost hanged myself with the phone cord when I called. Seriously?!?! I could afford the 1BR by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin, but that’s no longer an option at this point.

I’m going to go visit the available place tomorrow. And I will see “my” unit, as it’s vacant. And if I don’t absolutely abhor it and get a skin rash just by thinking about it, I’m taking it.

Dream place? Oh lord no. Dream location? It’s in an up-and-coming area of D.C. and not much cheaper than the other two places I mentioned. But a hundred bucks a month saved is $1,200 a year saved, so take a wild guess at my motivation here. Two full baths, washer/dryer, you name it. Bedrooms are tiny and closet space is at a premium, but I’ve moved beyond The Picky. No picky left in me, kids. None whatsoever.

I keep saying that the second I sign a lease, everything else is going to fall into place in the rest of my life. And I believe that wholeheartedly. So maybe if I just knock down the first domino, everything else shall follow suit.

Perhaps of all the signs I’ve been hoping to see, the only one I need to observe is “Stop.” Just, stop. Just chill the fuck out, drop your belongings wherever you happen to be standing, and start living life instead of wondering where you’ll live it.

Everything else is going to fall into place now. I can feel it.

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