Side-‘Rock’ Talk

H/T to Madonna and Jellybean for the earworm behind today’s title.

Anyway, I picked up another potential husband at today’s cookout.

God I love living at the beach.

He was grilling my hot dog while I got in a fight with the guy grilling mom’s burger about how much better Obama was for my portfolio and he says he’s never done better than he has under the orange-billed twatypus.

He says, how did you do better under Obammy?

I said I know how to pick stocks.

Also, stocks went up 150% under Obama and 20% under Dear Leader.

He said well all your candidates are dropping like flies. Get ready for four more years.

I said of anxiety? Really? You prioritize your portfolio over your mental health and the world’s well-being? We have a pandemic don’t you know.

He said whatcha gonna do. And returned to grilling.

I’m voting Biden. That’s what I’m going to do. Is what I told him. Which you’d be wise to do too.

I’ll probably be thrown out of the next Fraggle cookout. But they like the libs’ money.

And the way my hot dog guy smiled at me, I will get my meat one way or another.

And I thought 15 years was my high-water mark.

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