Shorter commutes, longer workdays. Hooray for memes!

Reader Poll Monday:

1. When is the last time you had a papercut?
Yesterday. My hands are so effed-up from moving that all I have to do is think about touching something and my paper-thin skin tears.

2. Would you rather have a 5 pound tumor on your face or a 50 pound tumor on your back, neither of which could ever be removed?
A 50-lb. tumor on my back? It’s not nice to talk about my ass that way. 😉

3. What was the best part of your weekend?
Getting a wonderful sleep in my new apartment on my new 400-TC sheets. I slept 17 hours my first “night” there (at 4 p.m. Friday till the next morning).

It’s not overly quiet, as there’s this pesky little thing called the Metro that’s damn close by, but it didn’t bother me as much as I’d expected it would.

Actually, in addition to the loving slumber, I treated myself to a pedicure on Saturday. A half-hour in a vibrating chair for $20 plus tip? Seriously, everyone should give one to themselves as a moving gift.

4. Do you like peanut butter?
*~*heart*~* PB

5. List three foods you can’t stand.
I’d have to be in love with you or really trying to impress you if you serve me raw or half-cooked mushrooms. *twitch* Saute those bitches! And stuff them with shrimp or sausage!!! Other than that, I am easy. (Hey now, no comments from the peanut gallery!) 😉

6. Did you make your bed this morning?
I always straighten it up and make sure the pillows are covered ’cause I will find kitty fur on them otherwise. And I’m already in the mad throes of allergy hell.

7. When it comes to handshakes, are you firm?
I try to be, but not always. My legs are much stronger — I can dole out a firmer kick in the ass than a handshake.

8. What was the most effective punishment for you as a kid?
A good, old-fashioned ass-whooping did wonders. Fuck these parents who won’t spank their ill-behaved hellions. I was in a store yesterday where these two kids kept hollering and the mother kept ignoring them. I almost beat HER before planning to set out on the demon spawn. If I have kids, I’m not above using corporal punishment if that means they will turn out civilized.

9. What is your favorite way to fix/eat potatoes?
Buying them — Five Guys fries with malt vinegar.

10. Ask me something.
Anybody out there psychic enough to know in which box I packed my sanity? Or did it fall out on the street somewhere?

3 Responses to Shorter commutes, longer workdays. Hooray for memes!

  1. nic :

    Have you found the closest Five Guys yet, or should we tell you where it is?

    The Welcome Wagon will come, but we thought it might make a bad impression on the new neighbors to come pounding on doors looking for you at midnight on Saturday.

  2. The Goddess :

    I didn’t realize the Five Guys goodness extended into our humble Northwest. Sweet! I spied the localest of the local ones, although I see some nifty new locations that I think we must make it our mission to try. 😉

    The welcome wagon can roll on by any old time it wants. I guess I just have to be awake for it!!!

  3. Isabel :

    All right Dawn, goddammit. You’ve moved into my neighborhood AND you are near Metro? Let’s go for a celebratory drink! I mean it.