I’ve finally weaned myself off of reading shit posted with the sole purpose of getting a reaction out of me.

I’d say stop reading me, but do you. I don’t care.

I remember telling someone that if they wanted to leave, do it for them and not me. (No you stylish beauty, I am not talking about you. I mean, well NOW I am. 🙂 )

In any event, I’ve always believed you don’t need something to go to. You just need to value yourself enough to know what isn’t working for you.

I value myself more than any opinion you hold about me. I want people in my life who value themselves more than someone who tears them and everyone down.

The universe will fill the void soon enough. And it might be with things and pets and hobbies and luxuries, rather than other humans.

In any event, I truly love being void filler. So if you can’t quit me, it’s OK. Know that I accept my role as the actress starring in your bad dreams. Just an honor to be nominated.

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