See the edge, see Goddess blaze past it

I spent some time last night drafting a post on some of the happier moments in my life. But then I had a cat howling all goddamned night and another cat shit right next to my bed — on my newly received voter registration card. Aaaargh! There isn’t enough time to get a new one before the primaries. I *think* I’m supposed to vote at the nearby elementary school. Shit.

Top that off with a command to drive to Pittsburgh and back in a one-day span — a place I’ve declared I’m never going to again — because I don’t have enough goddamned stress in my life already. Gawd forbid I get the house to myself for the day instead. You know who the person is that I really miss hanging out with? Me. At this point, I wouldn’t even recognize her on the street even if we ran straight into each other.

One Lonely Response to See the edge, see Goddess blaze past it

  1. Sabre :

    You and me sistah, we can ride right over the edge together.