Damn it.

I think this is a good entry to hide behind the fold. …

I went into my favorite suitcase last night — the one filled with souvenirs from my days as a vibrator peddler — in particular, I was looking for the giant Ziploc bag o’ waterproof toys. And I don’t know WTF happened, but something purple-jelly-like oh gee I don’t know … MELTED … and destroyed my bathtub-approved toy that runs on watch batteries. (For deep-sea diving, apparently.)

In rescue news, the jelly-like bath mitten, the red heart-shaped c-ring and the, ah, men’s “sleeve” (cough) seem to have survived, but cleaning them up is going to be no less of a challenge than washing ducks after the Exxon-Valdez debacle. *sigh*

Anyway, this bag looks like a scene out of “Poltergeist” or something — pink and purple goo has coated everything. I think the love dice are salvageable, but damn, the toy? Beyond repair. Not only are the batteries fused together, but the goo is sealing the toy shut so I can’t get to them. And the plastic also melted, so the formerly finger-shaped thing is, shall we say, fucked.

Shit, I didn’t think the toys would melt down while they weren’t in use! Didn’t realize things ever got THAT hot in my bedroom. … 😉

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