Scent of a man

My olfactory nerves are always in tip-top shape, as I don’t miss a scent. It’s usually a good thing. (Let’s leave it at that, but it’s the reason why I only venture to the ladies’ room twice in a 14-hour shift!)

In any event, we just had a meeting with someone today, and holy crap, I can still smell his cologne on me. *yum* It’s funny how a good bottle of cologne can turn someone who might not normally capture your attention into someone whose leg you could very well start dry-humping if you weren’t exercising your very last ounce of self-restraint. 😉

And did I mention I got two hugs and two kisses out of it? 😉 I ain’t complainin’! Now I can sniff my shirt for the rest of the day and be a happy girl. …

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