We’re all dressed for the zombie apocalypse. For saying there is nothing left anywhere, my gloves were absolutely filthy after this trip.

Foraging for cosmetics

Everyone is mostly keeping to themselves, although I did witness a fight between a senior citizen and some thot in a hoochie dress in the chicken section.

Which, all they had left were drumsticks. What is there to fight about, other than “You take it,” “No, you!”?

I got to talking with a store worker. He saw me wander down the same aisle twice, pretty much in bewilderment. I mean, I didn’t exactly hoard paper products — now where am I supposed to get any?

The second time he saw me, he asked if he could help. I said, I’m good, thanks. Thank you for being here. How are you holding up?

He seemed surprised that I was cheerful. He was super friendly. He said he mostly stays up on his ladder and observes people verbally abusing their family members and fellow shoppers.

He gets that tensions are heightened. But still. This store visit is an hour out of your day. You don’t know how many more outings or even hours you have left in your life. Act like it.

I said they probably are exhibiting their bad behavior that goes uncorrected at home. Just a hunch.

He told me a funny story about driving for Uber and getting the world’s most racist couple. How they pushed all his buttons and he smiled the whole way. Finally they admitted they wanted to get a rise out of him. He cracked a joke I will never forget, and they rode the rest of the way in silence.

I said I wish I could say my best zingers like you do. I keep a Zinger for every Ding-Dong in Hostess-land that would make you proud. But I always feel icky when I lower my vibration. Why feed the trolls when there are quality people to shower love on?

He said some people need to be silenced. And just because you dip low doesn’t mean you have to stay low. Send them on their way so you can get on yours.


I didn’t leave with many items. But my mental shopping cart runneth over.

Who knew a random store visit in a locked-down town could be so productive?

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