Sanjaya-watch 2007

So I rolled into work today armed with a list of 20 to-dos, as I am launching a Big Ass Motherfucker of a Project in four days and, oh, BTW, *bwahahaaaaaaa.*

And yet, I’m pretty much where I started not only today, but about four weeks ago. So, really, what’s the rush? 😉

What’s wrong with staring out the window and catching the five-minute bursts of sunshine that are book-ended by seemingly never ending cloud covers?

In any event, I find it interesting that I voted my fingers off for Taylor Hicks on last season’s “American Idol,” and his single is the only one I haven’t bought from the cast of season six who has one available. Go figure.

I was always rooting for Taylor, but really, it took Chris Daughtry (*swoon* *pant* *slobber*) getting the boot to make me swing my votes his way. I HATED Katharine McPhee, yet I am “so into” her “Over It” song. I don’t love it, mind you — her voice grates on me like nails on chalkboard, but if I were of the variety who made mixtapes, this would definitely make the playlist cut.

But who I love now? Elliot Yamin. His “Wait for You” would possibly be another mixtape-type contender.

I find that I hate this season of “Idol.” That Sanjaya kid — you can’t tell me that he is one of the eight most-talented singers in the country who auditioned for that show. Their ratings are a lot lower than they were at the beginning of the season, and is it any wonder? I missed the past three weeks of it and only tuned in at the end of the Wednesday episode to see better people than him get the ol’ foot up the ass.

Although losing Hayley last night? SO not a loss. Quite honestly, her skirts got shorter and the tops got tighter every week — if she stayed any longer, she’d have had to come in on a bikini next week and just be naked the next.

In any event, I’m rooting for Jordin Sparks to win this thing. I don’t care that half of Microsoft and Comcast’s tech support workers in India are voting for Sanjaya (while they should be helping their poor, screwed customers instead) — I think sanity will prevail at the end of this mess and someone with talent is actually going to triumph and salvage this goddamned season. Christ, all we need is another Jasmine Trias/Diana DeGarmo/Ghetto Fabulous Fantasia trifecta like we saw in season three — I don’t think the show can recover from another mess like that.

OK, and we wonder WHY my Big Ass Motherfucker of a Project isn’t coming along so well, eh?

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