Riddle me this

The interesting thing about having a mother who’s a psychic is being privy to shit you otherwise wouldn’t know about. She can name names and repeat conversations she “hears” and describe people with alarming accuracy.

There’s been some b.s. afoot that I haven’t totally clued her in on. And yet, she point-blank asks me questions about shit she just shouldn’t know about. And warns me about certain people who are setting me up behind my back. People who either present themselves as friends, allies or otherwise people who aren’t out to screw with you.

I find that funny, because I’ve spent my life being genuine and helpful and eager and personable and sincerely putting my faith into folks. And to find out (I’ll admit, sometimes this existential information serves to confirm gut feelings that I couldn’t quite put a finger on) people are out to get you, to the point that they can affect your very livelihood for their own gain, is just cruel.

I know everyone’s got their own best interests in their own clearly cold and cruel hearts. But why on earth am I even a consideration in their existences? And what kind of protection spell can I cast to keep them far away where they belong?

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