I don’t dream much. Mostly because I don’t SLEEP much. But I did get a cat nap in around 4 a.m. and boy was it great.

Dreamed that the original three Mouseketeers were reunited at work. S&P (not to be confused with Standard & Poor’s) and I got the band back together for a big project.

Nicholas and Angel and Andrew and Marci and Sean and Jesse were all in an office with us, buzzing about. I think even Matt showed up late and went out for a cigarette and was never seen again. But Shern came in from paradise. Even “Linus” flew in from the Left Coast because this was so monumental.

Don’t know that it has any special meaning.

Things were never perfect, and certainly nothing to be mourned for too long a time.

It was just nice to remember some really cool people who made me smile at one time or another.

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