Retrograde, you may end now. Really.

The good news just keeps on coming.

Biopsy last week. Stitches to come out next week.

Only for us to do another biopsy next week and EVEN MORE stitches.

This adventure is kind of expensive. And annoying.

The doc called with an initial diagnosis today. Which … is kind of scary. But she said it doesn’t look right.

So she has another diagnosis she wants to make. Which … is less scary. But she said it would take a year until I’m (hopefully) healed.


The follow-up biopsy will likely conclude her alternate diagnosis.

But I’ve worked in the markets long enough to know that you can stare at a chart all you want to in order to find whatever pattern you think should be there. If you want a cup-and-handle, I don’t care if it’s a double-bottom; you’re going to see a cup-and-handle.

Someone pass me a bottomless cup of cabernet, eh?

This is fun. Really.

Know how to make it even more fun? Google whatever diagnoses you’re given. The photos that come up are gorgeous. Not.

The saving grace in all this is I don’t think I’m as bad off as the online scary photo people are.

So, win?

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