I used to feel hungover the day after holidays because we’d had a big family dinner and there would be leftovers coming out the wazoo. Now, there’s really no reason to go all out, because the people in the family (i.e., grandparents) who appreciated the efforts are gone now.

I drove up to see Mom this weekend. It was low-key and perfect in that regard. Sad, of course, without my grandfather. It’s like we’re always looking to see if he’s still around — that if maybe we do the same things and go to the same places, we’ll somehow see him.

This was a weekend for reconnecting with a lot of people, for me. Not to abuse the Easter theme, but I found that I put a whole lot of eggs into not a whole lot of baskets in regard to relationships and friendships of late. And that’s fine, for the most part — I invest in those who are worthy of it. But quite a few have fallen off the radar for myriad reasons (my own neglect being one of them), and it’s wonderful to type up an e-mail or a text message and get an instant response.

Good things come to those who wait, I guess. But more importantly, good things WILL wait until you’re ready to come to them and give them the effort you previously couldn’t.

That’s an important lesson for me right now, as I’m wondering whether some things are worth fighting for, and/or if they even existed in the first place. But I’m worth waiting/fighting for, too — and I’ve got all the proof in the world that I need of that. Like I tell all the boys, get me now while I’m still young and cute! 😉

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