Resolutions ‘n ‘at

Last year at this time, I had a few simple New Year’s resolutions. I’ve crossed off the ones I accomplished:

  • Get a job
  • Never blog about said job
  • Get cable again
  • Get into therapy
  • Make time for friends and fun
  • Get into a functional relationship
  • Go up Lose two dress sizes
  • Become a better person overall
  • For 2006, I’m already admitting that I don’t plan to start my resolutions till February. Those include:

  • Taking lunch hours (I took seven in 2005. SEVEN)
  • Taking a real, bona fide vacation
  • Moving (closer to work)
  • Curbing the snarkiness (not quitting; just refraining from defaulting to it)
  • Finding time to cook/eat healthily
  • Getting off my ass with various unfinished personal projects that I never have the energy to attend to. Research, interviews and the like for my books
  • Getting into a functional relationship (second verse, same as the first!)
  • Making an honest effort to get out of debt
  • Making an honest effort to be able to wear clothes I’ve saved that “I SWEAR I’m going to fit into again”
  • Just let me finish my cookies and lasagna that I brought home from Mom’s, and then I’ll get started. We might want to tackle “Stop procrastinating,” though, in 2007. 😉

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