I was going to post about the lady who blared her horn at me at a red light today. When I was fourth in line behind a bus. Sigh. 

But I’d rather talk about the nice guy who, when I was crossing a street yesterday, called out, “Be careful!”

I was walking west and he was headed south.  He saw a car flying  (I’d gander going 55 in a 25) and about to careen on two wheels around my corner  where I was crossing. 

I ran as fast as I could and yelled out “Thank you!” And waved when I was safe. 

I am quick to hate the drivers and neighbors I encounter. But it’s heartwarming to know there are kind people here too. 

I used to think snowbirds were the problem. God knows tourists mucked up the flow when I was in D.C. 

Visitors aren’t the problem here.  It’s the douchebags who have set up residence in my county, for the most part. 

Give me a tourist any old day.  Better yet, get me away from the other residents and it’ll all be just fine. 

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