Red red whine

Nothing I could possibly have said during the past few days would have come across as anything less than whining or more than complaining. I basically increased my red wine consumption because I needed something to cry in.

But things are looking WAY up today. So, now that I’m in a better mood, I’m hoping to maintain it.

I’ve been working relatively non-stop for the past two weeks. I finally, FINALLY snuck in some beach time last night. Just an hour, but an hour more than I have been there in the past 14 days. That did AMAZING things to help me to clear my head.

I haven’t really had time to go to Weight Watchers, so I’ve been eating for crap. Plus, we’ve been bringing in lunch to the office so we don’t have to leave our project, and it’s been pizza, pizza and more pizza.

I’m in the midst of making Russian nesting dolls, let’s say, and it’s easy in a way but exhausting in another. And while I’ve been trying not to feel overwhelmed and trying almost as hard not to lose my enchantment with the manufacturing of this particular type of nesting dolls with the instructions the Russian is giving, my lizard got drained pretty quickly.

Add to the fact that half of my friends are in Sin City right now, and I could be there with them if I weren’t captive trying to construct Russian nesting dolls on top of making plastic drinking birds in the evenings AND testing boomerangs in the mornings. And I’m sure I’ve been a little testier than one would expect from this otherwise-happy zen beach goddess.

Today has been fantastic so far, though. I know it shouldn’t count, but I started off with a booty-call request from someone who didn’t realize I wasn’t in the state. Hah! And damn. … :9

Heard from another of my guys, too. I think someone is fishing for an invitation to Florida. (Yes, this one DID know that I left town.) I’m enjoying the attention and am waiting to be impressed … by this or any one of them!

I admit I’ve been struggling on the work front a bit, with how much there is to learn and how much there is to do and learning/wrangling all the players and personalities, versus how many hours there are in a day. But I’ve also set my sights on the bigger picture, and that’s what keeps me going. All I can give is my best, and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

I’ve gotten lots of reports from my friends in Vegas. Lots of nice things said about me, lots of people saying they miss working with me and that they actually miss ME. And it makes me happy that it’s a small field after all and we’ll all cross paths again … and happier still that they think of me as fondly as I do them.

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