Reason No. 1,001 why I never accomplish anything

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C: are the Web sites down?
Me: does a bear poop in the woods?
C: kanks
Me: sure
Me: The fun never begins!
C: eggzactly
Me: while I have you, can I bug you for a word-choice conundrum?
C: of course

(actual professional discussion)

Me: that works
Me: kanks!
C: ahhhh
C: awhhhhh
C: yeah, awhhh
Me: what’s sad is that we can differentiate among the different grunts around here
C: hunh!
Me: quack
C: hunh?
Me: snarf
C: this is redickalous
Me: snort
C: uncle!
Me: ack
C: aaaarrrrggggghhhhh

Me: seriously, though — you’re a lifesaver
C: does that make me a sucker?
Me: I can’t answer that on company IM 🙂

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