Reader Poll Monday

Hey, it’s Tuesday. In my world, that’s what we’d call “on time.” 😉

Thanks Sherri, for the questions!

  • What’s the most embarrassing thing in your bedroom?
  • I’m hardly ashamed of the suitcase full of — ahem — accoutrements. You know, dozens of toys, lotions, potions and other stuff like that. And the red feather boa — do not disrespect the glitter. 😉

    I am mortified that, no matter how many loads of laundry I do, I seemingly cannot make a dent in Laundry Mountain.

  • What was the first concert you ever attended?
  • Hah — two in a row. Motley Crue and Bon Jovi, back-to-back nights. I remember camping outside of the record store with my mom, back when I was in middle school. Of course, mom was younger than I am now, so it was cool.

    I got pneumonia waiting in line during those cold, wet nights — I was so sick for so long that I almost didn’t get to go to the shows, which were at least a month later. But I did and I was totally a high-haired rocker chick from the get-go. 😉

  • Have you ever had food poisoning? From what?
  • I ate at the Wendy’s in Van Dorn Station about a year and a half ago and got deathly ill. I’d gotten the spicy chicken sandwich — I was on deadline and was close to pulling an all-nighter, so I’d opted for that for sustenance. Holy crap, I was throwing up for the next 12 hours — I lost at least five pounds that very evening.

    Perhaps I should start eating there again, incompetent servers and all. I think that was the one order (in my three-plus years of going there) that they’d ever gotten right. Bleah.

  • Describe your favorite pair of jeans.
  • They are atop Laundry Mountain right now — I’d worn ’em on Saturday when Ted and I went museum-hopping in D.C.

    They’re stonewashed (sort of a lighter blue) and boot-cut. They are a twee bit long for me, as I am 5’4″ and that’s just-too-tall for petite length. I have to buy average-length jeans, else they become floods.

    Average-length jeans, though, drag on the ground, so I have to wear shoes with heels so I don’t get them soaked. Although, as we just got six inches of rain this weekend, staying dry? Not fucking possible.

    Anyway, I love those jeans. Nothing special about them — just comfy and soft. Yes, Erica, I’m not kidding about my adoration of denim. 😉

  • What’s your favorite daytime TV show to watch?
  • At my old job, I worked offsite two days a month, which involved me snoozing in front of a TV for about four hours. I miss Ellen DeGeneres most, although Maury Povich and his let’s-do-47-paternity-tests shows rocked socks — I love trailer trash!

  • Do you own a drill?
  • Did I not already tell you of my suitcase full of toys?

    Oh, you mean the kind you plug into a wall and demolish plaster with? Heh. Not yet, but I do need one. Else I need a very handy, hot male who will come over and thrust his bits around where I need them most.


    *fanning self*

    Volunteers to come and drill some holes in for me? 😉

  • What is your favorite meal to eat?
  • Mom makes fantastic lasagna, complete with homemade mini-meatballs. God, I haven’t had that in years.

  • What is your favorite meal to prepare?
  • Enh. I hate cooking for one, as I have Italian blood and am automatically programmed to cook for 20 and that equals lots of leftovers. You can only eat something so many days/meals in a row before you never want to face it again.

    I prefer to make appetizers and desserts — finger foods, individual portions, etc. I do taco rings and quesadillas and cheesy horseradish dips and spinach/salmon dips and cocktail weenies in crescents and fondues and crap like that.

  • When was the last time you grinned from ear to ear? Why?
  • Yesterday. I smiled a lot, actually. Life is very good right now, and I am a lucky, lucky girl.

    I’ll tell you about a grand giggle I got Sunday. My mom watches this one TV program for this celebrity that I happen to know in person. Anyway, she’s got the hots for him and is probably throwing her underwear at the TV screen, if I know her. She may still be in them, as far as I know. 😉

    In any event, she loves his upbeat personality and suggested to me, “I’ll bet he’d giggle while he’s being sucked off — don’t you think?”

    I kept a straight face for a good 20 minutes before I realized that my mom. Said this. About that person. And what would our mutual acquaintances say if they’d heard that? LOL. Well, if they read this blog, I guess the secret is out. 😉

  • Ask me something.
  • Favorite museum to spend a whole day?

    3 Responses to Reader Poll Monday

    1. Amy :

      What’s the most embarrassing thing in my bedroom? Does a loudly snoring husband and farting dog count?

    2. Goddess Dawn :

      Heh. I didn’t mention the vomit stains that I just can’t seem to get out of the carpet. 🙂 What’s up with all the flatulating pets? Mine do the same damn thing.

    3. Sherri :

      I’ve never been, but I imagine I could spend a whole day in the Museum of Sex. 🙂

      Otherwise, MoMA.