Reader Poll Monday

And not on a Sunday, like how I did last week’s questions yesterday. 😉

Anyway, here’s RPM:

1. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Hmm. Chocolate raspberry truffle, if it’s available. Mint chocolate chip if it’s not. And nothing beats good, old-fashioned soft serve, preferably a chocolate-vanilla twist.

2. What was the last thing you purchased on the Internet and what site did you purchase it from?
I got the ShedEnder for the cats. They hate it. It took almost a freaking month to get that stupid thing to me. It’s OK — I have a cat comb that cost about half that price and it works the same. The only saving grace is that they have a “free” Lint Wizard (you pay shipping), and that fucker is fabulous because those cats shed like nobody’s bidness.

3. What are the top five most common items on your grocery list?
It’s always cat food, cat litter, frozen dinners (I love them for lunch at work), Crystal Light singles and string cheese.

4. What are you plans after work this evening?
It’s gonna be a late one, so not bloody much. And now that I read question 3, I realize we are out of cat litter. So take a wild guess!

5. Do you have any weird dating hang ups?
No kids, no wives. I don’t expect or even want 100 percent of anyone’s time, but what I do get, I don’t want to split with any of the above. I’d like to get their whole heart, and you can’t do that if their kids are coming first. And don’t get me started on the rest of the statement. 🙂

6. When was the last time you went to a park, which park was it, and what did you do there?
I go to parks pretty much weekly. If there isn’t a swingset, then I like to go stare at pretty scenery and take a journal. Not like I ever write in said journal — I’ve pretty much been dumping my cognitive crap into a Word doc every couple of weeks. There’s one (with swings!) on my block, but I’d rather not say the name just because you don’t know what kind of weirdos there are out there. 😉

7. What was your first job?
Camp counselor for kids in the child-welfare system. It was fun — I was really good with those kids, mostly because I was a “grown-up” whom they grew to trust after being in violent and/or neglectful homes. It took a long time to earn their trust and respect, but I loved it when I had it because I worked hard for it.

I kind of pissed off my fellow counselors and superiors, because I was supposed to be engaging the kids in activities and games and whatnot, but when kids didn’t want to play, at least one of us had to “sit out” with them. Problem was, more kids wanted to hang out with me than go do dodgeball and kickball and arts-and-crafts!

8. Did you sleep in your own bed last night? Did anyone sleep with you? Just checking.
I indeed slept in my bed. And no one, not even a cat, was nearby this time. Kadi pissed me off early on with her whining, so I shut the brats out and the bed was gloriously all mine. But the memories and fantasies practically took on human form. …

9. What is your biggest traffic pet peeve? And you can only pick one.
Fucking 12 cops to pull over one goddamned motorist. Seriously. I almost rear-ended a line of seven cars because when I was getting on the interstate this morning, no one could get around the goddamned clusterfuck of flashing red and blue lights. If I hadn’t slammed on the brakes and turned my car on an angle, I would have caused a fucking domino effect. Maybe this will teach me to wear a seatbelt. 😉

10. Are you a recycler?
I’ve just started trying to get better about that, so yes.

11. Oh yeah, ask Sherri something.
Not a question. I just want to pimp out a recent entry of hers that I really loved: “Some Things I’ve Learned the Hard Way”

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