I have just in the past two hours gotten rid of the headache I got on Friday. Two days ago.

I can’t drink wine after a miserable Friday because I weigh in on Saturday mornings.

I blow all my points on Saturdays on a good meal (healthy but higher in points than I’d like) and on wine. Sweet, merciful, delicious wine.

Even after Friday — when I didn’t even get to pick up dinner for Mom till about 8:45 and I got home around 9:30 (what a lousy daughter I am; if only I’d been out having fun) — when I missed the lunch hours for the cafe at work AND I skipped dinner (and wine), I was still up half a pound.

The lessons we take away are this:

1. Starvation doesn’t make you lose weight.

2. Giving up a much-needed glass or four of well-deserved wine may be good for the scale but NOT good for the soul.

3. Either weighing in on Saturday is a blessing (so I don’t drink myself into a coma) or a curse (I can’t ever unwind from a hard day/week until I’m halfway through the weekend).

I have work to do this weekend but I’ve had so many work dreams/nightmares the past two nights, I think I’ve put in my quota of working hours. Just broke out of my isolationist mode and asked a friend to join me for brunch. And all I have to say is that there WILL be Bloody Marys. After all, if I’m going to be putting on weight, there at least should be a heaping dose of vodka involved.

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