Random theater: standing-room only

Because I have no bullets to use on anyone else, I’m just going to go for the bulleted list of crap today.

Speaking of crap:

  • Maddie? Not only shit all over the house but she also pissed all over the kitchen floor. And it’s a big fucking kitchen. I have three — THREE — litterboxes in there, arranged in an L shape. She pissed in the L. I hate her
  • I accidentally left a big steaming bag of cat crap outside my apartment door today. I meant to take it to the trash area, but I forgot. Twelve hours after I left the house this morning, it was sitting there, stinking up the hallway. My neighbors must be overjoyed. Oh well — they’re almost rid of me!
  • Clothing manufactuers are on my shit list today. Just because you have to make the pants wider to fit pudgy pork roast asses like mine, does not mean you need to make them LONGER. I look like a goddamned hobo with all my pants dragging on the floor. I have to wear hooker heels to pull them off, but when I change into sneakers at the end of the day, they drag on the ground. Classy.
  • Why won’t this fucking apartment just pack itself?
  • Who was the mastermind who put so much responsibility in my hands at work? I’m loving it, but I’m doing big stuff — like, stuff that impacts the future revenue stream of the company. Are you people HIGH?
  • You know what’s a great feeling? Letting destiny take its course. And trusting it.
  • “Grey’s Anatomy” and “American Idol” — I love them because they both make me squirm sometimes. That final scene with George and Izzie in the linen closet, with no words exchanged at all? *swoon* He’s no Denny, but to have that person who means everything to you — even if they can’t BE everything to you … *sigh* Good TV. And I’m even starting to love to hate Sanjaya — at this point, I want him on the show so I can throw things at the TV and take out the day’s aggressions!
  • Why I love summer weather: Ice cream for dinner isn’t just a good idea; it’s the only thing in the fridge!

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