Random theater, matinee showing now

* I just got a note from Expedia that I can book three nights’ hotel and get $50 off. And in most cities, that would be one night free at a decent hotel. But I thought enh, I should take advantage and go somewhere I’d actually want to be. But unfortunately, city girl that I am, I can’t find a fleabag hotel under $100 a night. And what the hell is up with all the shared-bathroom crap? Dear GOD that should be iillegal unless they’re paying YOU to stay at the hotel! For $150 a night, if I’m sharing my toily, someone had better be providing complementary ass-wiping!

* I’ve been yapping about how starting a corporate blog and how it should work. Then the idea came back that, well, maybe I should think about being the blogger for it. (My idea was to hire someone to do it — I am very careful about having ideas because usually the owner of them is the proud person who gets to take on all that extra work!) But it’s not the worst idea in the world — I like to rant, bitch, complain and do things that are beyond my comfort zone, and to get paid for it? It’s either the best fucking idea in the world or the worst.

* All right, who didn’t LOVE “Grey’s Anatomy” last night? Just hearing the reverence in McDreamy’s voice when he declared, “The Nazi’s back,” had me all aflutter. That clinic idea — love it. I predict Richard steps down from the chief of surgery gig and moves on to be the clinic director. And Izzie can bake different-flavored muffins and have them at the reception desk in a pretty basket with gingham napkins for clinic visitors when they drop by.

* Still talking about “Grey’s” I am SO Meredith (minus the six-inch waistline), as when McDreamy apologized to her and responded to her blank look with a, “This is what people do; they fight and make up” or whatever the hell he said before realizing she was clueless, and then he said, “You’ve never done this before?” and she shook her head. (How’s THAT for a grammatically fucked-up sentence?) OH MY GAWD, hello what I’m going through right now. Like, where’s the etiquette book, the list of protocol, the freaking instruction booklet? You mean they don’t always run for the hills when you act like … well … you? Blows my mind.

* In other news, I am sitting here being very passive-aggressive. Foaming at the mouth, really, but set to break my own fingers if I dial a phone or type an e-mail. Because I know I am going to be entirely too honest and it is going to get ugly. Midnight is not an acceptable submission time for a noontime deadline. I’m just sayin’. A broken clock may be right twice a day, but if I bust that clock over your head, it’s a battle that nobody wins.

* Speaking of, I’m trying on another front. Really I am. But man would I beat the shit out of you if I could, thanks to two stupid things you said. Who, seriously, do you think you are? You ain’t winnin’ no friends, I assure you, with that bullshit. *wipes hands*

* I have got to call that boy back. Maybe I’ll go do that now!

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