Random Theater: Everything but the kitchen sink edition

After racking up about $30 in text-messaging charges since last month, I stayed away from text-blogging all the thoughts I had during the course of the past few days. So now there’s a backlog of useless thoughts waiting to be purged.

* I’m surprised at how many people remembered my birthday. Although I’m more surprised it was more of my mom’s friends than mine. But I did get some messages from some people I miss very much and was thrilled to hear from. 😉

* A $500 cable bill bankrupted me this month. $120 for installation hurt badly enough, but to find out that my premium service plus Internet runs me $102 a month, when my friends in the next town over are paying $89 for the same package, chaps my ass just a twee bit. OK, more than just a twee bit. Yeah, I have more useless channels than they do, but whoopty-doo.

* I love looking at my bank statement after a travel month. I have charges in D.C., Maryland, Virginia (well, those are all standard fare), Texas, Nevada, Ohio and Pennsylvania, too. Within the same week-and-a-half period. It’s the little things that entertain me. (Which would explain a lot!)

* I have new coffee tables! Happy Birthday, Goddess!!! They’re still in the box, but hell, I’ve got ’em!

* Ran into my sixth-grade history teacher. Who remembers me. Fondly, I think.

* A fast-food restaurant in Pennsylvania got my order wrong. But not because they don’t speak English — instead, it was wrong because I ORDERED IT WRONG. It was absolutely joyous to be understood for a change, so much so that I consumed my incorrect meal happily. 🙂

* Retail/grocery stores and gas stations are different in Pittsburgh. The cashiers recognize you and talk to you. Like, ask you how you are, how your family is, etc. In D.C., I go to the same yuppie grocery store at least twice a week and everyone there has to know me by now. But then again, I use self-checkout most of the time and I couldn’t tell you what it would be like to be on a first-name basis with anyone around these parts the way it is where I come from.

* If we could all just say what we mean, mean what we say and shut the fuck up when we’re inclined to talk out of our asses, the world would be a much less complicated place.

* My friend T. told me that if I really want something, I’ve got to fight for it. To hell with silently wondering, waiting and, ultimately, writing it off as something I’m not going to fight for, if it doesn’t come to me first. I don’t know. Throughout the years, I guess I’ve expended so much effort fighting for everything, just so I could look back and know that I did all I could. And I don’t want to look back and wonder if it were just my own laziness (or perhaps my faith in the universe bringing about the “right” ending eventually) that cost me my happiness.

* I’ve got to give props to someone at work who went above and beyond the call of duty. Did what I asked and went ahead and did more so that we wouldn’t be behind just because I missed Friday. I sent a note to him and copied it to the next two levels of management above him to say I noticed and I really appreciated the extra efforts he always seems to expend. Now to me, extra effort should be a minimum standard. But yet, it’s going the extinction route, so it always surprises/pleases me when I see it AND when I happen to be the beneficiary of it!

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