Random Theater: Admit One

Had such a good day yesterday. This afternoon, however, brought a couple of un-publishable blog posts that are now sitting in my draft folder.

Just a couple, as I was busy un-screwing up what was screwed up. And everyone thought I was behind BEFORE! *muahahahahaaaa*

Unrelated, more work is coming. But there’s a calvary that comes with this installment. And thank God because my capacity is pretty stretched. Maybe these folks won’t kill me.


Also unrelated (perhaps), someone noted my humor or soul or whatever has been a little bit darker lately. I think I feel like I became myself, in all her outspoken and crass and flawed and yet POWERFUL glory, again recently.

Also unrelated, perfect spelling and grammar and proper A.P. Style make me, like, wring-out-the-panties hot. Which we knew. The good/bad news (depending) is, no one within 1,000 miles is in any danger of making THAT happen.

Back to work …

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