Rainy days and Mondays

Haven’t slept in days. Finally got the car inspected, so at least I don’t have to worry about it being towed again (and the sticker had only been expired for two weeks!). You’d think those fuckers at Dominion Towing would’ve done me the courtesy of towing the car to a goddamned INSPECTION STATION!!!

Anyway, have been busy. Am not social in the least. Want to crawl into bed. NOW. Did mad packing/pitching/hauling/cleaning all weekend. Today it’s raining and dismal, and seriously, if I could find my bed under all the crap I’ve piled atop it, I’d like to partake of its goodness right about now.

I’m so tired that I just walked up to the microwave to make some lunch and decided it was too much work to open up the can of soup and dump it into the bowl and then actually STAND there for three minutes. Gah. Actually, I just don’t feel like teetering around in heels with a bowl of hot soup. I’d rather starve than spill. So I changed my mind and retreated to my desk. How’s that for lazy as all hell?

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